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About Us

The UMBC-LUG is an organization of and for people who use or would like to use Linux, a UNIX-like operating system freely available for many hardware architectures, including the IBM-compatible PC. UMBC-LUG members come from all walks of life and courses of study. You'll find among our ranks students of Information Systems, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Math, Visual Arts, Sociology, Music, Social Work, and yes, even Computer Science, all bound together by a common love of Linux. We welcome you to join us (membership is not limited to UMBC students) -- if you are interested in becoming a member of UMBC-LUG, just come to a meeting and check it out.

The UMBC Linux Users' Group held its first meeting on October 6th, 1997. The current LUG officers are:

LUG Constitution

UMBC Linux Users’ Group
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