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Pictures from our Fall 2010 Installfest. Click for more pictures.
We will have several laptops available running Ubuntu Linux and examples of the free software available including the Mozilla Firefox web browser; the Pidgin multi-protocol instant messaging client; The GNU Image Manipulation Program graphics package; word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and database; the GNU Emacs text editor; the LaTeX document preparation system; and more so that you may try it out. Additionally, free install CD-ROMs for Ubuntu will be available in case you are unable to make the Installfest on Friday.


The Fall 2014 Installfest is November 20th, 2014

On the Commons Main Street from 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

If you've ever wanted to try Linux but didn't know where to start, bring your computer! Additionally, we can assist you to ensure that your hardware, including wireless, fingerprint reader, and webcam, is working. At the Fall 2011 installfest, we will be installing Ubuntu version 11.04. If you would like assistance installing a different release or distribution, bring install media.

If you are bringing a laptop, bring the AC adapter / charger!

If you have more than one computer, please bring the oldest system that meets the requirements listed below, to reduce the chance of problems with drivers.

System Requirements

  • Any PC less than 6 years old or Mac less than 4 years old should meet these requirements without any problems:
  • PC-compatible or Apple Mac desktop or laptop
  • Intel or AMD processor 1 GHz
  • 512 megabytes of memory minimum; 1024 megabytes (1 GB) recommended
  • 5 gigabytes of disk space; 10 gigabytes recommended
  • Netbooks or other systems without a CD-ROM drive are acceptable as Ubuntu Netbook Remix can be installed from USB drives.
  • Your existing Windows or Mac OS X will not be disturbed and will continue to operate as normal after Ubuntu is installed in a dual-boot configuration.
  • Non-bootable or unusable systems (due to virus infection or spyware, etc.) are also welcome as there is the option to entirely erase and replace your system’s current operating system, software and documents.

If you are bringing a desktop, then bring power cables, a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, too.


If you will be dual-booting with Windows, please defragment your C: drive before attending the installfest. This increases the maximum size of your Linux partition.

Back Up Your Data

Finally, back up your data. The LUG will make all attempts to keep your data intact, but there's always the slim chance that something will go wrong.

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