When and Where

We are not planning another Installfest just yet this semester, but we announce each Installfest several times on our mailing list well before it happens. Feel free to post on the list and ask, or to attend our weekly meetings.

What is Installfest?

Linux Users' Groups are not only communities for existing users of Linux to find camaraderie and support, but are also advocate organizations. We want to enable and empower individuals to take control of their computers by using free and open software.

Each semester, we run Installfest, where seasoned Linux users volunteer their time to help newbies install Linux on their computers. We provide a wide selection of Linux flavors, appropriate for people of all skill levels. All of the services and software involved are free.

How do I get Linux Installed? / How does this Work?

If you want Linux, and want us to perform the installation, then you should come to Installfest. As mentioned above, we are not planning to run an Installfest in the very near future, so you may want to come to our weekly meetings instead, or ask on the mailing list for when we plan to run our next Installfest.

Before Installfest, you should back up any important data or programs on your computer, even if you are looking to dual-boot Linux and your current operating system. In the time before Installfest, you may want to start reading about available Linux distributions, and forming an opinion on what flavor might be best for you.

You may also try out our demo laptops, which will be outfitted with common Linux flavors, to help you get a better idea what you might want out of Linux. Prior to starting installation with one of our volunteers, you'll be asked to sign a release form, acknowledging that we can't provide any sort of warranty on your installation. Afterwards, one of our volunteers will help you choose a Linux flavor, guide and you through installation, assist you in installing any software you might need, and give you information on how to use your new operating system and what do if you encounter problems.

Be aware that all of the installers at the event are volunteers, and we can't provide any guarantee that your system will work the way you want. Sometimes, installs can take more time than we have available at Installfest. If that happens, you can come to our weekly meetings, during free hour every Wednesday, to complete your install.