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Linux Help

  • Attend a Meeting
    If you are on campus, it’s easy to request help in person just by attending a meeting. For Spring 2015, meetings are held at 12:00 pm in ITE 234 on Wednesdays.
  • LUG Mailing List
    The mailing list can provide help with your questions about Linux or other Unix operating systems. You are welcome to join the discussion; select the Mailing List link for more information. The mailing list is especially helpful for UMBC-specific questions such as working on the GL servers, ResNet and wireless access; etc.
  • Ubuntu Forums
    Web-based forums with many other new and experienced users. One of the best parts of Ubuntu is the huge community that surrounds it. The Ubuntu Forums are a great place with very knowledgeable people willing to help. First, try searching for the problem you are having. If after a bit of searching with different keywords you cannot find a solution, feel free to create a new post in the appropriate forum. While these forums are Ubuntu-specific, you may find help with a problem on another distribution here.
  • Google Linux Search
    Are you getting a specific error message? Try typing the problem with specific text into Google with quotes. Example: "error: 'x264_param_t' has no member named 'i_bframe_adaptive'"
  • Facebook
    If you use the popular social networking site Facebook, you can also find UMBC LUG members through our Facebook group. Click the above link to see our group.

UMBC Linux Users’ Group
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