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Mailing List

Interacting with the UMBC Linux User’s group using our mailing list requires that you subscribe first. There are two subscription options. By subscribing to the standard list, umbclinux, you will receive all LUG-related mail, including announcements, requests for help and suggestions, and community discussion. By subscribing to the announcements-only list, umbclinux-news, you will only receive urgent and important announcements regarding scheduled events, location changes, cancellations, etc.

Don’t subscribe to both lists. The standard list already receives all announcements. By selecting the announcement-only list you reduce incoming mail but will miss any member discussions taking place on the list.

umbclinux and umbclinux-news Subscriptions

  1. If you are looking for an old message, or would like to see if your question has been asked previously, check the...
    List Archives
    ...which provides a searchable index of previous messages.

  2. To join a mailing list click one of the following links:
    Joining a list is required (for protection against spammers) before you may send mail to the list...
    Subscribe to umbclinux General List: send an e-mail message to containing nothing but:

    sub umbclinux

    in the body.
    Subscribe to umbclinux-news Announcements List: send an e-mail message to containing nothing but

    sub umbclinux-news

    in the body.

  3. You will now receive LUG messages in your inbox. If you would like to reduce the number of messages, you may select “digest mode” which will reduce the messages to around one per day by combining the day’s messages into one. You may...
    change subscription options - umbclinux
    change subscription options - umbclinux-news any time.

  4. To send mail to the list, use the address...
  5. To unsubscribe...
    unsubscribe umbclinux
    unsubscribe umbclinux-news

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Page last modified May 11, 2010