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The Mumble server is no longer active; if anyone has an interest in communicating using Mumble, post to the mailing list.

Server host:
Server port: 64738

Mumble 1.1.8 is in the Ubuntu and Fedora repositories as 'mumble'. Not sure about others. Clients are also available for Windows and Mac OS at the sourceforge download page. Just make sure you grab 1.1.8 and not the 1.2 beta as they are not compatible with each other. After it's installed, there is a nice setup wizard for audio. You should probably enable 'echo cancellation' and bind a key for push-to-talk (like the super/windows key). When you connect to the server using the information below, you'll get a warning that the SSL certificate is self-signed. This is normal, and you can go ahead and click OK.

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Page last modified February 3, 2011